Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Our recycled plastic Adirondack Chairs, Rockers and Loveseats are roomier than most. They are very comfortable and extremely durable. From the extra-wide arms to the curved shellback backs and hefty 2x4 and 2x6 frames, and all fastened with marine-grade (316) stainless screws ... we’re convinced you won’t find better constructed furniture, or a better value, anywhere!

All of our Adirondack Seating and accessories are listed below. Our products are constructed of heavy duty recycled plastic (HDPE) and Marine-grade (316) stainless steel fasteners.
All prices are factory direct $SAVE$


Adirondack Chair

$489.00 $329.00

Adirondack Foot Rest

$219.00 $149.00

Adirondack Love Seat

$639.00 $429.00

Adirondack Rocker

$539.00 $359.00

Combo Special!

$1679.00 $1065.00

Gift Certificate

Various Prices

Narrow Adirondack Chair

$489.00 $329.00

Narrow Adirondack Rocker

$529.00 $359.00

Rectangular Coffee Table

$369.00 $249.00

Round Coffee Table - 17H

$459.00 $309.00

Round Coffee Table - 21H

$489.00 $329.00

Side Table 18H(ch)

$249.00 $169.00

Side Table 21H(ac)

$249.00 $169.00

Triple Adirondack Love Seat

$939.00 $629.00

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