Garden Furniture

The recycled plastic Garden Chair, Garden Bench and Garden Table offer the same comfort, durability and quality as our Adirondack furniture. The Garden Set seating offers a wonderful alternative to the laid-back style of the Adirondack furniture. Our Garden Chairs and Garden Benches have the same thick frame for weight and stability and similar curves for comfort, but do not sit quite as low to the ground or as reclined as the Adirondack furniture.

Perfect for a garden setting or even a front porch, our Built to Last Garden furniture is a proud addition to our recycled plastic furniture family!

Please click on items below for specific photos, weights, dimensions and shipping information. All prices are factory direct $SAVE$


Coffee Table - 42 in. Round

$419.00 $299.00

Coffee Table - Rectangular

$349.00 $239.00

Garden Bench

$639.00 $429.00

Garden Bench - Slat Back

$639.00 $429.00

Garden Chair

$459.00 $309.00

Garden Chair - Slat Back

$459.00 $309.00

Garden Foot Rest

$199.00 $139.00

Garden Side Table

$229.00 $159.00

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